Blowing Eggs & Making Pretty

Easter 09 is here and seriously i haven't done a thing for this holiday since i was a wee youngin. Times are a changin' and I had a serious urge to do something festive, specifically, dye some eggs. I LOVE color and have ever since a third grade "science" class when we mixed primary colored icing together to make the secondary colors and then we ate our newly formed jewel-toned sweetness on graham crackers! (one of my few elementary memories and possibly an unexplored impetus towards my art school yearnings.)

My friend Melody and I planned a mere day in advance, when all the last minute shoppers hurl themselves with gorcery carts full of easter brunch ingredients at the checkout line. (Have i mentioned I abhor grocery shopping, which is such a shame given how much i LOVE food.) We purchased some regular ole white ones (M) and some organic free-range brown eggs (XL) to add some range to our colors but were, alas, still unsatisfied...

...Hence, the small and perfect, bespeckled and azure-insided quail egg, purchased with enthusiasm from our favorite asian mar-ket, Tan-A. I read up that they were extremely fragile so imagine my surprise when the check-out lady literally threw them at the man packing the bag. In a split-second freeze frame, one would have seen Melody reach forth trying to save the little darlings form inevitable splatterdom and my inflamed facial expression almost provoking a violent attack on the gregarious and absent-minded checkout mistress. We bought 4 dozen to be on the safe side and despite the propensity of such an instant to leave a streak of messy yolks in the bottom of the shopping bag, we made it safely home with only one casualty.

We spent the marjority of easter morning blowing the yolks from the eggs while my delectable Meditteranean quiche baked nearby. The latter part of the day was spent dying the tips of our fingers an incalcuable array of colors...simultaneously the eggs as well. As is to be expected, I kept mine in the blue and green family to match my decor. I am soon, but not yet, going to wonder if purhaps there is a chance that one day far far away I may begin to not like these colors anymore.....hmmm....impossible.

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