Humble Abode Tour: Bedroom

The afternoon sun is so brilliant this time of year! It hangs low and shines right in my humble Westover Hills apartment. It is some of the only sun i get in this place, since it is a very wooded neighborhood. Needless to say, I cherish the bright rays, and am taking the utmost advantage of it: forcing bulbs on my nightstand and nursing an abandoned orchid and two Boston ferns (radiator) back to life. I can't help but love my bedroom during these rare sunburst moments, so I've taken a few pictures to share the love.

My birthday present paperwhites, thanks to Noel, in bloom on my night stand. They smell intoxicating, and the scent travels all the way to the living room!

The bed cover is a vintage popcorn chenille found in Cville for only $10. In front of the bed lies a vintage clay water pitcher picked up by my grandparents in a Mexican market and a ceramic Chinese style octagonal side table bought at Homegoods for $75.

I've got three rugs in the room, an oriental scored at an online auction for only $58, a vintage Navajo hand-woven rug --another score from my world-traveling Grandparents-- and a modern Turkish Kilim, pulling the red, pinks and oranges from the wall art to the floor.

Across from the bed is the all-important vintage wardrobe, a thrift-store steal at just $61. It contains my collection of vintage and spring/summer dresses, scarves, and shoes. Alternate storage (woven bins, vintage suitcases, picnic baskets) abound in my teeny apartment. It's smart storage: functional and aesthetic.

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