E+T Floor Cushion Press!

Thanks to Kelly over at Tearing Up Houses for giving Ernst and Thistle some props in her latest blog entry about floor cushions (and for giving us a heads up thru etsy!!!) I absolutely love her blog subtitle: "one girl's adventures as a sort-of architect, unlikely landlord, and real estate junkie..."

It's simply amazing how things spread on social networking sights and the internet. These floor cushions were also featured in a spread on Apartment Therapy (check it out!) and I had no idea until i realized we were getting linkage to our storefront from AT (through help of Googleanalytics). I searched our name in google to find the exact article and was flabbergasted/flattered!

Thanks everyone everywhere who likes our goods! If you post a story about us, feature one of our products in your blog, or just mention our name, let us know and we will return the favor!

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  1. I don't know if I ever told you how I found you; I was checking out floor pillows on Etsy for my post, and yours was my favorite. Thanks again for sharing it!