Just having some fun editing some of my recently developed pics from my Solo European Adventure in 2003! I've got an urge to travel. I started thinking of France, not because i desire to go back already (I'd rather hit the other hundreds-of-places-I've-never-been-to-but-would-like-to-visit-before-i-die such as Panama, Croatia, The Grand Canyon, Alaska, India...) but because I just got word from my mother that Grandfather Sturgis has had a desire his whole adult life (spawned by his Aunt who was a nurse abroad during the war) to travel to France with an erudite tour guide historically certified in WWI and now is considering taking it. He wants the guide to take him to all the hot spot WWI sights in France, telling a complete history through the places that war has touched. My family is against him traveling alone (he turns 89 in November) and I am volunteering my services as official gran-daddy sitter. I'm a self-professed history buff who doesn't mind (actually yearns) to learn anything and everything! Plus, wouldn't this be the perfect chance to get to know my grandfather, to have an actual conversation before he no longer exists on this mortal plane? I also forsee a good topic for a book here, or at least a short story...anyone know of any French speaking WWI tour guides that wouldn't mind a conservative Yankee grandfather and idealistic twenty-something as clients? We will pay well.

Here are some of my favorites (post-edit) from Nice:

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