E+T SALE!!!!

Stay tuned for an Ernst and Thistle SALE!!!!

I am restructuring the business and taking over sole ownership of E+T...Lynalise is busier than ever and moving on to bigger and better things...and I've got some new ideas in the seed stage (possibly pursuing silk screening or an additional vintage/antique finds storefront, etc), but until they come to fruition and sprout, I am having a huge E+T sale on some old goodies that I will no longer be carrying or making...That means it will be your last chance to own these limited edition art pieces, like our Reproduction Treen Clothespins (only 7 left in stock; orig. $32, soon ONLY $25.00) and our copper and brass JOIN OR DIE nameplates (going from $22/$20-$15!).

Come by the storefront and browse until then; see what catches your eye and tickles your fancy.


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